Northern Star Pictures was created to develop and produce smart, compelling and entertaining motion pictures of varying genres targeting the lucrative 25-49 year old audience.

We develop our own projects as well as aggressively seek literary properties and produce  those that have latent profit potential derived from comparative research and the interest and support of international and domestic distributors.

Our first project, CROSSING RIO will go before cameras mid 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for three weeks of exterior work followed by four weeks of studio work in New Orleans, Louisiana.


A former intelligence officer goes to Rio de Janeiro to help a beautiful activist bring down a powerful industrialist, but is forced to change plans when a corrupt policeman is on to him.




In September 1901 in the quiet village of Balangiga during the Philippine-American War, an American Regiment was suddenly ambushed by Filipino insurgents using Church bells as the signal to attack.  Out of the 78 men in the unit only 4 escaped with their lives. 


In retaliation, General Jacob H. Smith ordered his troops to annihilate the islanders and burn down the village.  After the smoke cleared, American troops had massacred at least 2500 Filipinos, some say up to 50,000.


This true event serves as a backdrop to our fictional story of an American soldier who falls in love with a local Filipino woman and his efforts to save her family including a younger brother who was altar-boy and guardian of the bells.




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